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The Izmir Collection of Ceremonial Synagogue Textiles


A Legacy Revealed:
The Izmir Collection of Ceremonial Synagogue Textiles
By Bracha Yaniv and Tamar Shadmi

Tel Aviv: Mordechai Kiriaty Foundation, 2023

A book by Prof. Bracha Yaniv and Dr. Tamar Shadmi on the Izmir collection of ceremonial synagogue textiles was published by the Mordechai Kiriaty Foundation in Tel Aviv in English, Hebrew, and Turkish. This book is the outcome of the six-year project by the Kiriaty Foundation on the rescue, preservation, and restoration of a rare collection of 325 ritual Jewish textile items discovered in the synagogues in Izmir.

The rescue of the ritual Jewish textiles collection in Izmir was part of a large project for the preservation of Jewish heritage in Izmir initiated by the Kiriaty Foundation, and which included the restoration and preservation of a district of nine historic synagogues in the old city of Izmir.

Rescue, conservation, and documentation of a unique collection of 325 Jewish textiles and the restoration of about 50 items was carried out by textile conservation students from the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. This work was crowned by a research by Bracha Yaniv and Tamar Shadmi on the textiles and dedicatory inscriptions embroidered on them, the research that tells the story of the artistic heritage of the Izmir Jewish community during the transition period in the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries.

The Kiriaty Foundation is happy to share with the readers this richly illustrated book for free and hope they will enjoy the artistic level of the old Jewish textile items and deepen their understanding of Jewish material culture. The English, Hebrew, and Turkish versions of the book are available for free download below.

Please note that the use of these copies of the book is strictly limited to private study, scholarship or research, in accordance with principles of fair use delineated in the Israel Copyright Law, 5768-2007. All other usages are strictly prohibited without receiving the prior consent of the Kiriaty Foundation Int.