The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Benny Hochner - Principal Investigator


Dr. Tal Shomrat - Octopus brain electrophysiology - Learning and Memory

Dr. Nir Nesher - Neuromuscular system

Dr. Ana Turchetti-Maia - Brain Electrophysiology and Imaging

Alexander Botvinnik - Motor control

Naama Stern - Histochemistry - Learning and Memory

Yuval Shaish - Octopus behaviour

Iris Weber - Octopus brain electrophysiology - Learning and Memory

Tslil Avital - Neuromuscular system


Dr. Guy Levy - Motor Control - Coordination between arms

Dr. Miki Kuba - Octopus behaviour, animal play

Henry Matzner - Neuromuscular electrophysiology

Prof. Yoram Gutfreund - motor control: neurobiology & behavior

Dr. German Sumbre - motor control: neurobiology & behavior

Dr. Letizia Zullo - Motor control: brain electrophysiology

Hadas Eichenstein - motor control

Dr. Noa Farchi - transgenic mice neurobiology

Dr. Dani Rokni - muscular electrophysiology & kinematics

Dr. Yoram Yekutieli - Motor Control: 1. motion analysis & 3d reconstruction. 2. computer models

Dr. Tamar Gutnick - Octopus behaviour, animal play

Shlomi Hanassy - Motor control

Jonas Richter - Learning and Memory


Prof. Tamar Flash - The Weizmann Institute of Science

Dr. Graziano Fiorito - Stazione Zoologica di Napoli


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